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IAC Internet Advertising Competition 2014
AC Internet Advertising Competition 2014
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LIQWID® Ad Technology Run campaigns with a single ad unit that adapts to any size on any device
IQWID®, with its award-winning technology, creates and delivers high-impact Rich Media and HTML5 ads that dynamically transform any responsive space on the viewers' screens to a viewable advertising inventory.
With LIQWID, the ad creative is never cropped and 100% of the ad message is in view on every impression reported.

Our LIQWID ad unit instantly reconfigures and scales itself when delivered, regardless of the ad size, dimensions or placement location, to fit on any device, any website or mobile property including responsive properties and in any space. Unlike 'responsive' layout, LIQWID is more than just getting bigger and smaller, it's about changing and repositioning elements of the ad to continue to provide a complete ad experience.

With LIQWID, all campaign management is reduced to a single, one-time LIQWID tag on the publisher's page and a simple point-and-click dashboard that manages all aspects of all campaigns, regardless of web property types, ad sizes, placement locations and devices.

Any creative can be made to 'liqwify' into a LIQWID ad unit, with existing HTML5 and dHTML tools and style sheets or pre-programmed LIQWID Matrix templates which can accommodate creative needs for any brand or message. A LIQWID ad essentially becomes a webpage with all of its inherent qualities. Now, ads can embed a variety of creative elements and interactive functionalities.

LIQWID ads implemented in HTML5 allow to be automatically indexed and ranked by search engines as standalone interactive content with a unique URL that viewers can bookmark in their browser.

A LIQWID ad can also be created in a Flash format with all of the same benefits for those who want to target Flash-enabled devices only. Our LIQWID Digital Studio can teach you how to make LIQWID ads on your own using our LIQWID Matrix templates or we can do it for you. Learn more about LIQWID Matrix templates.

Our LIQWID Ad Technology™ platform also allows for the creation of new and premium ad inventory while bringing significant incremental revenue and benefits to publishers, agencies, and, most important, advertisers. Whether your website is centered on the screen or left aligned, there is often empty space on either side of your content page or to the right (left-aligned). With LIQWID, publishers can easily monetize this valuable outside space with LIQWID ads, without disrupting the viewer's experience. Agencies and advertisers are provided large, creative palettes, for highly impactful, dynamic ad creative and messaging, with ads that always fit perfectly, regardless of the size of the available or dynamically created space.
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For Publishers
Create new and incremental revenue streams, including with your mobile viewership, without disrupting any current display ad sales programs. LIQWID creates new, viewable and premium inventory with the empty space outside of a content page and delivers responsive LIQWID ads to any responsive environment. Join our LIQWID community of over 1,200 websites and growing rapidly. No redesign or integration is required - get up and running in minutes with just a one-time, one tag implementation. Set the price for the real-estate outside of your content and sell by yourself or accept from us RFPs for campaigns from local and national advertisers based on the demographics of your audience.
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For Advertisers
Reach the audience of our LIQWID community of over 1,200 websites and growing rapidly. Receive high branding value and one of the highest click rates in the industry. Our LIQWID Ads are larger than typical display ads and instantly adapt when delivered to fit in any placement dimensions on any device and in any responsive environment. Our Viewer-Directed Placement™ technology enables for delivery scheduling, dayparting and reporting based on the viewer's local time. Benefit from the ultimate viewability as LIQWID Ad is rendered only when the available empty space allows for 100% of ad surface to be viewable at the viewer's screen, and providing longer exposure time then in-content ads.
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